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About United Studios of Self Defense

Whether you are a beginner or experienced martial artist, United Studios of Self Defense has a program to fit every need.

Men, women and children of all ages and professions participate in our Private & Group Training Programs.

Advantages of Shaolin Kempo

United Studios of Self Defense teaches Shaolin Kempo, a hybrid of Karate, Kung Fu, and Jiu Jitsu. The United Studios of Self Defense system is highly effective because the wealth of material allows you, the student, to use whatever techniques work best for you.

Since no two people or situations are alike, our Instructors offer students this wealth of material for all self defense situations.

Listed below are just some of the things we teach:

  • More than 120 kicking techniques
  • Over 300 hand strikes
  • More than 100 pressure points
  • 30 different stances
  • 6 different blocking systems
  • 38 Required Forms
  • 108 defensive maneuvers
  • Techniques against multiple opponent, club, knives, and gun attacks
  • Practice drills to hone your defensive skills

So whether your a beginner or experienced martial artist, whether you have physical limitations or are a professional athlete, or your just one of the many people looking for something fun, challenging, and rewarding, we have a program for you.

Advantages of United Studios of Self Defense

Private Training Program

United Studios of Self Defense (USSD) is the leader in perfecting martial arts instruction for self defense, on an instructor/student basis. Students receive personal instruction and attention, to insure the program is meeting their specific goals and objectives.

Benefits of Private Training include:

  • Advance yourself up to 4 times faster than with group lessons alone.
  • Private instruction allows you to advance at your own pace.
  • All of the attention is on you, so any corrections are immediate.
  • Gives you the time you need to process what you have learned.
  • Students with private lessons are more likely to achieve black belt.
  • Flexible scheduling lets you fit the lessons to your availability.
  • Lessons can be modified to your physical ability, age and interest
  • You will be more motivated as you see how quickly you progress.

  • Proven and Effective System

    United Studios of Self Defense (USSD) is the largest martial arts school Franchise in North America. Since 1968, our students have studied USSD unique system of Kempo-style martial arts from the finest instructors in the United States. Based on the combat system as practiced by the Shaolin Warrior Monks, the United Studios of Self Defense Martial Arts System will give you the upper hand in situations that can happen anytime, anywhere.

  • Flexible Training Programs

    Students may schedule their private lesson(s) to best fit their schedule. Also, a student may enroll for one month to as many as four years at a time, based on their personal needs and goals.

  • Nationwide Locations, Standarized Program

    United Studios of Self Defense has over one-hundred locations. Each school teaches the same program as outlined in our Student Manual. Students that relocate may transfer and continue training at another USSD location.

  • Student Manual

    Every student recieve a copy of our Student Training Manual, which details the entire program including rank levels, requiements, and move by move descriptions of each technique. No need to take notes, we've outlined everything for you.

  • On-Line Video Library

    Subscribe to our on-line video library, and watch the techniques you'll learn at each Belt Rank demonstrated by our Black Belt Instructors.

Professional Black Belt Instructors

Earning a Black Belt is a rewarding accomplishment that takes effort and dedication. Every USSD Instructor was first an accomplished USSD student. Our Instructors are trained from white belt within the USSD self-defense system to ensure a broad understanding of our training principles and applications. All USSD Instructors participate in regular training sessions with a Master Instructor to ensure that they provide the highest level of teaching and martial arts application within their own school.

In addition, USSD Chief Instructors and Masters from across the country gather at the United Studios National HQ in Southern California each month to train and develop new skills and methods of teaching.

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