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Martial Arts Training For Adults

Master Pinpn with Shaolin Monk - USSD China Trip

An Ancient Tradition

When you become a student at United Studios of Self Defense, you become part of a tradition of personal development that has been practiced for over two thousand years.

A Modern Approach

Each year since the beginning, the martial arts system has been examined and updated to meet the needs of today's student.

USSD + Shaolin

On June 6, 2000 Headmaster and founder of United Studios of Self Defense, Charles Mattera and his student Master Steve DeMasco were promoted to Grandmaster by Great Master Shi Yongxin, the Abbot of the Shaolin Temple. The Abbot presented the diplomas to Grandmaster Mattera and Grandmaster DeMasco in a ceremony which was witnessed by more than 160 United Studios of Self Defense students participating in this once in a lifetime event.


There is a 13ft tall stone monument at the entrance of the temple in honor of and in recognition to USSD for its contributions to the martial arts and Shaolin philosophies throughout the United States.

Ten abilities you will improve:

Self Defense:

Recognizing and avoiding dangerous situations. Understanding personal strengths and weaknesses. Seeing and using weaknesses of attackers to defeat them and avoid injury or death. Protecting others when necessary. Limiting damage of strikes, kicks or falls. Being prepared through regular practice and training.


The physical attribute will increase with the practice of the traditional forms, stances, and as the connection between mind and body increase. Mental balance comes from feeling strong, capable and confident.


Beginning a challenging task, despite fear, and seeing it through. Responding to challenges with ideas and action.

Self Esteem:

Reflecting on positive experiences, and Identifying with inner strength instead of failure.


Control over one's weaknesses, impulses and emotions.


Being independent and responsible during training.

Respect for others:

Seeing others like you doing something challenging, despite fear, and seeing it through. Having empathy and humility.


Regular exercise and movement positively influence physical and mental health.


Focus is developed through getting your mind off everything else. Practicing Martial Arts skills with a partner or in a class requires mental focus.

Stress Relief:

Release is achieved through physical exertion, and vocalization (yell). Controlled breathing and meditation reduce stress. Most of all training can be a very fun experience and having fun and enjoying life should be a reward unto itself.

Kempo Training Program

Private Lesson Instruction

Set and achieve your goals.

The USSD Private Training program allows students to progress at their own pace and to focus on their needs and interests.

Unlimited Group Classes

Conditioning and application.

You will have access to as many Group classes as you prefer. Get in shape and apply the Martial Art skills you learn in a positive environment.

Advanced Learning Resources.

Study at home with us.

Students may take live instruction via Zoom Video. USSD has a Video Content Library, as well as a complete Student Reference Manual.

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