Self Defense and Personal Safety for Women

Women Make Some Noise: Take Charge and Defend Yourself!

Master Regina Pinpin's Self Defense and Personal Safety Program for Women - to build skills women need to safeguard them against crime and assault.

Join this campaign, and become part of a real solution to the problem of violence against women. Learn to fight back!

Basic Self Defense Concepts and Skills

Raise awareness of possible threats - to avoid them

  • Know your area - Use Nixle and other information services
  • Use safety tips to develop day-to-day personal safety habits
  • How close is too close? Decide in advance. Know when to fight.
  • How to trust your instincts - wisely.

Learn that you can take charge and defend yourself!

  • Learn basic kicks, blocks, and strikes: what they are, and how to practice them
  • Review common assault scenarios, including grab, holds, and choke attacks
  • Learn how to use balance, leverage, timing and footwork against them.

Be prepared through practice and training:

  • Effective self defense combinations
  • Limit the damage, disrupt the attack, and set up next move
  • Multiple strikes to soft/vital targets
  • Disrupt, disable and create distance to escape